Steven Spurrier’s farewell column: Not ‘Goodbye’ just ‘Au revoir’ – Decanter

April 2nd, 2020


After over 300 columns for Decanter magazine, consultant editor and previous Decanter Hall of Fame winner, Steven Spurrier reflects on the past 27 years….

Chapter 7 in my memoirs, Wine – a Way of Life, carries the title ‘Bonjour Paris’ and Chapter 12, set 19 years later, is titled ‘Au Revoir Paris’. My commercial life in Paris had been very up in the 1970s and progressively down in the ’80s, so, returning in straitened circumstances to London in 1990 to look for employment in a city from which I had essentially been absent for two decades, Chapter 13 is inevitably titled ‘The Road Back’– the shortest in the book, followed by ‘Life with Decanter’, which is the longest.