Norah Jones new album is a ‘Pick Me Up’ for troubling times

June 12th, 2020

When Norah Jones released her blockbuster debut, “Come Away With Me,” in February 2002, it was just five months after 9/11.


Now — 18 years, nine Grammys and two kids later — the Brooklyn-based piano woman is back torching the ivories with “Pick Me Up Off the Floor,” her new studio LP, which arrives Friday in the wake of a global pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests that have rocked the world.


“I remember back then not making the connection of people being comforted by music after 9/11,” Jones, 41, tells The Post. “I didn’t think about it as it was happening. But people have mentioned it to me later. And it makes a lot of sense. Music is comforting.”


Indeed, Jones works her own healing powers on “Pick Me Up Off the Floor.” Capturing the intimacy we’ve all been missing in our quarantine lives, the album is like a warm hug from an old friend — one whose voice, oozing smoky sensuality, is never a note too much.