Building a Listening Room

September 5th, 2020

Building a dedicated space for music listening is the ultimate commitment to the hobby. It’s expensive and complex, and when you’re finished there’s no guarantee that the room will sound good. But if you take that plunge and the stars align, a room specifically designed for optimizing sound quality can allow a high-end system to realize its greatest potential.


I recently realized a lifelong goal of building a serious listening room and will share my experience with you. Although I had built two homes before with dedicated rooms, this one is more ambitious. In addition to creating an optimized platform for evaluating some of the world’s finest audio equipment, the new room is also designed around the requirements of my job. I’ve been reviewing high-end audio equipment for 30 years, and for 30 years I’ve hauled big and heavy gear through the front door of a house. To avoid damage to the new house (and preserve domestic tranquility), the listening room has a secondary door that opens to a third-car garage with no step. (The room’s main door opens to a hallway in the house.) The third-car garage is a staging area for gear coming and going, as well as facility for box storage—a surprisingly important consideration for reviewers. In addition, the room is acoustically isolated from the rest of the house, saving my wife from being subjected to my musical tastes (which admittedly aren’t for everyone). I wanted to be able to listen to any music, at any hour of the day, at any listening level. This is our last house, and I wanted to get all the details right.


SOURCE >> **the absolute sound**