Wine of The Day

2015 Ben Schild Reserve Shiraz

Schild Estate

Deep ruby, purple in colour, quickly revealing inviting creamy dark berry fruit aromas. Whilst these fruit aromas show depth and intensity, they also have a vibrancy and brightness. On the palate, a smooth mouth-filling attack of layered dark plums, blackcurrant and chocolate notes is surrounded by a super fined tannin frame. This ensures a genuine sense of softness and balance to the wine as it travels through the palate with the fruit presence rolling to the back end through a veiled frame. Reasonably coiled in its youth we would expect this wine to open up further over the next few years.

Perfectly paired with

Perfectly paired with
Album of The Day


David Bowie

'Blackstar' is a fantastic album and easily one of Bowie's finest in years. ... With a keen experimental edge and yet possessed of memorable melodies, 'blackstar' is a remarkably coherent ride and, in keeping it relatively short, David has ensured that the album never outstays its welcome and remains filler free.

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